• Dr. Dan Haifley

Follow the Science

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction." Proverbs 1:7

There has been a lot of preaching lately from some of our politicians that we should "follow the science" when it comes to climate change or covid-19. These people have raised themselves up in horror at the notion that not everyone believes we will perish from global warming within whatever time period they have pronounced this week.

I, myself, have been puzzled by the lack of common sense and honesty when it comes to everything in our culture. The scientific data has proven the path of isolation we have chosen to deal with this virus is more harmful than the virus itself. I have been appalled at the insanity of certain voices who are trying to tell us it is normal for a man who wants to be a woman to play women sports. Although we have no control over what sex we are born with or what family we are born to, we are now told that we can choose to be any sex we want to be, and that we should apologize for being born to whatever race we find ourselves in. Even large soft drink companies are now preaching to us that we should beg to be forgiven for the color of our skin. They tell us that girls should be allowed to be boy scouts. We are instructed to believe that no matter how we are born we can pick the gender we want to be. They tell us that we should be happy to pay more for fuel because shutting down our own fuel sources and buying crude oil from terrorists actually saves the planet. They tell us that money should be taken away from people that produce jobs and given to those who are afraid to work (This is not an exaggeration). If you are afraid to work because of the Coronavirus you can get paid to stay home in some cases. Recently, the new President has declared that he cares so much about keeping us safe from the virus he is going to spend our tax dollars to send masks to every American. That one has me really amazed. You can literally get a free mask at the door of almost every business you go into.

Sometimes the ignorance is overwhelming. None of these new social norms are even remotely scientific. Any reported data to support their theories is anecdotal at best and manipulated at worst.

It confused me until I realized the root problem of the ignorance. They have for several generations tried to remove the idea that there is a God. God has been removed from our educations system. Anyone that does not fit into the new mold is either medicated or marginalized.

Every generation from the beginning of mankind has believed in a Creator. Every culture has some form of deity to whom they look. Every philosopher and great thinker of the past has come to the conclusion that because we are specifically designed we have come from a specific designer. Only in the last 100 years has the world tried to embrace the idea that we have no source and are only freaks of nature. This theory gives us the idea that we can create ourselves. It takes away any responsibility we have to right and wrong, and it forms a new morality that is mired in the voice of the mob.

The only way to get back to sanity is to establish the foundation of our lives in the truth that their is a God, He is our Creator, and we have a responsibility to understand why we were created. If we do not figure this out before it is too late, He will do to us what He has done to every civilization who has turned their back on Him. No amount of global warming policies will help us.

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