• Dr. Dan Haifley

It's time to come alive again

“Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?” Psalms 85:6

It's spring time. Every year at this time we enjoy watching the plants burst through the ground. They have spent the winter in a coma like condition and now with the warmth of the sun and the spring rains they have come back to life. They have revived from their long winter sleep.

Just like those plants we get covered over by the dirt of this world and slowly the cold of sin creeps into our lives and chills our spiritual life. Little by little we loose our feeling towards God and slip into a spiritual coma. We may rejoice when things are going well, but when they don't go well, we allow those circumstances to rob of us our joy and faith. One of the greatest testimonies of a Christian, who is alive spiritually, is his or her joy in the middle of any kind of circumstance. The spirit and attitude of a Christian is directly linked to his or her walk with God.

When God breathes life into us (that is what revival is) then we are able to rejoice in any circumstance. Revival is not about getting rid of stuff in your life. It is about coming to life again and finding joy that passes understanding.

When we pray for Revival and Holiness we are not looking for more religious rituals......We are looking for fresh air and new energy in Christ. Will you pray with me that God will use this time in our lives to reconnect us to Himself?

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