• Dr. Dan Haifley

My Tomb is also empty

The light of the sun in the beautiful sky

Can’t pierce the dark of the tomb I’m in.

Imprisoned within this cell am I

Chained so completely by my sin.

The darkness shrouds my very core.

My hopes are shattered and swallowed in doubt.

But wait! There is Someone at the door

Maybe He is here to help me out!

And then I hear a Voice so clear

“Fear not, my little child, I’m here.

I’ve come to bring you light and life

Just give me all your chains and strife.

And suddenly the door gives way

I reach for the Voice and ask him to stay

The light breaks in and I hear Him say,

“I’ve come to take you clear away"

I yielded myself to the voice of the Lord

And found new life that flooded my soul.

I traded my shroud for His royal robe,

I left my tomb and He made me whole. -DH

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