• Dr. Dan Haifley

Would Jesus wear a mask?

Would Jesus wear a mask? This is a question well- meaning Christians are asking right now. Recently a pastor wrote an article which postulates that indeed Jesus would wear a mask if He was here today. He suggests, “If Jesus would die on a cross for us, he would wear a mask for us.” He theorizes that people who don’t wish to wear masks don’t care about their fellow man and are vain. He goes on to say, “Liberty has become more important to some than love.” What he says seems to make sense. It sounds like a Christian with a tender heart towards everyone until…… read your Bible, and you find out that he is way off the mark.

First, Jesus touched lepers when it wasn’t cool to do so. He violated social protocols which had quarantined those who had a horrible, highly contagious disease. He reached out to them and healed them - in one case even bypassing the required audience with the priest. Why did He do this? Because He is God and had the power to do so. He would not have protected himself against the virus. He would have eliminated it. So the argument that Jesus would wear a mask is completely untenable.

Second, Jesus went after the people who told lies for the purpose of controlling people. When He was told that His teachings offended the religious leaders of the day His response was clear: “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matthew 15:14) He would not have led people to do something that did not work. For months we have been told to wear a mask. The CDC even had instructions on how to make one out of cloth, knowing full well that it would not work. Now, we are being told that the masks they have been handing out like candy don’t work so we must have the vaccine or wear a special mask. They knew this from day one. They are telling us that science proves if we all get the vaccine, we will all be protected from the virus. Vaccines do work most of the time and here is how: A vaccine injects a small dose of the disease into your system. Your body (which was made by Jesus) will attack the virus and begin building an immunity against it. Then when you are exposed to a carrier of the disease your body will already have anti-bodies built up against it and will have a good chance at keeping you well. If you have already had the disease, your body has already gone through this process, and therefore the vaccine is not necessary. But the powers that be seem to not care about this little fact. Instead, they have resorted to bullying tactics, telling us that only fully vaccinated people care about their communities. Then we find out that “fully vaccinated” doesn’t really mean anything unless you have received a booster shot on top of the other two. As the data changes, and we learn more about the disease and how it works the health community (which does not even agree with itself) continues the narrative that all people (even those who are well) should now wear a mask as a service to their community. Jesus never supported a lie for the good of the people. His message to us was that the Truth was the most important thing in life. He calls Himself “The Light.” His whole purpose in coming was to defeat darkness-to bring sight to the blind. So, no Jesus would not wear a mask.

I am reminded of God’s question to Job “Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?” when I consider the comment, “Liberty has become more important to some than love.” You see Liberty is also one of the reasons Jesus came. His first public scripture reading in the synagogue contained these words: “He hath sent me…to set at liberty them that are bruised.” (Luke 4:18) In another place Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Freedom and truth go hand in hand. Freedom and Christianity go hand in hand. Christians should not just be part of the lies. They should bring light to the darkness. Love means you tell the truth. Love means you set people free. By the way, Jesus said He “hates” (yep that’s what He said) those who try to control people through falsehoods. Nope I don’t think Jesus would wear a mask. Nor would he force children to do so, when the data (that’s what we used to call science) clearly shows that masking the children with colored paper does nothing. Oh, and the picture? That's not Jesus either-it's just a hippie with a mask.

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